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Health Care Volunteer – Myanmar

Volunteering in a Hospital in Myanmar

Volunteering in Myanmar offers participants a wide variety of ways to help people living in disadvantaged communities. Throughout the country, people could use a helping hand and volunteers can fill unique roles in helping better the lives of the people of Myanmar. Many volunteers find work in orphanages and schools. Here they can directly help the children of the country. Others, however, may want an experience helping those who have been affected by disease or sickness.

Volunteering in a hospital in Myanmar has its own challenges and rewards. Volunteers will work along side other foreign volunteers, local volunteers, local nurses and doctors to help each patient with his are her needs. Most work volunteers do is easy but necessary. Without any medical training at all, volunteers can help in countless ways in hospitals and clinics in Myanmar.


Myanmar lacks many comforts and freedoms that we enjoy back home. While certain things such as politics and tourism within the country are looking hopeful, many of Myanmar’s people still live in poverty. Hospitals in these impoverished communities see a wide array of ailments. What we may consider to be a minor sickness can be a serious problem for the poor. While hospitals do everything they can for each patient, many modern medical techniques are still unavailable in rural parts of the country.

While volunteering in a hospital in Myanmar you will interact with both doctors and patients. Some patients may be very sick and volunteers may see people in pain. Each patient has different needs but volunteers can be there to help with whatever they need to make them more comfortable. Each interaction with a patient, however small is a chance to show compassion and humility. These brief moments between volunteer and patient is what makes volunteering such a rewarding experience.


Volunteers who work in hospitals in Myanmar will have countless chances to help the sick. Volunteers will not be expected to perform surgery of course, leave that to the doctors! But anything from restocking supplies to talking with patients, volunteers will make a difference while working at hospitals or clinics in the impoverished communities in Myanmar.

As you work in the hospitals or clinics, you will have direct interactions with the patients. Many times patients just need a chance to talk to someone and be comforted. Volunteers who work in hospitals in Myanmar get experiences that you just can’t find anywhere else. Working with doctors and nurses is a learning experience to say the least. And even if you don’t have much medical training or knowhow, there is plenty that needs to be done that you can help out with.

When you help others who are sick or in pain, you get immediate rewards. At times it may be hard to see someone in pain, but know that you are helping them get better. This is an incredibly rewarding experience. Unlike some other volunteer projects that help orphans or children, volunteering in a hospital gives each volunteer a chance to serve a wide variety of people with a wide variety of needs. Volunteers rarely will get a more diverse experience than when working in a hospital.

Helping and serving people is what makes volunteering in Myanmar so rewarding. Volunteering your time at a hospital is a great chance to help so many types of people. No matter the age or the ailment, volunteers will take experiences home with them that you may not get in other volunteer projects. Helping less fortunate people in Myanmar is something that will change the way you look at others and yourself as you return back home.

Making a Difference Working in Hospitals in Myanmar

With little or no medical training, you may be asking how much of a difference can a volunteer make while working in hospitals in Myanmar. The truth is quite a lot. Myanmar lacks certain modern conveniences and technology that we have at home. Many of the communities you will be working in are rural and poor. Because of this their hospitals are not exactly modern in many cases. This gives volunteers opportunities to help doctors and nurses while working at the hospital.

Helping at the hospital makes the work of hospital staff easier in countless ways. Once again, you will not be helping in the operating room. But many things like restocking supplies, helping organize new supply shipments, cleaning up, and patient interactions are just a few of the duties volunteers can help out with. Helping out in these ways gives the hospital staff more time to focus on each patient’s treatment. These little jobs you can assist with at the hospital do a lot of good for the staff and the patients and help the day-to-day work flow of the hospital.

What the Volunteer Takes Home

After volunteers finish their experience helping in Myanmar they take home with them countless memories. As you work at a hospital in Myanmar, you will also being living in the surrounding community. So, apart from your work at the hospital, you will be interacting with locals as you go out for food and drink or go sightseeing. These small interactions with the local people are a large part of what makes volunteering so memorable. From the moment you wake up to when you hit the pillow at night you will be surrounded by new and exciting environments. It’s hard not to be changed when you surround yourself with new experiences in a foreign culture. Add to that the work experience you will gain while working with local doctors and nurses and what you end up with is a life changing experience. These experiences you gain while volunteering in Myanmar have a lasting affect on everyone involved, both volunteers and locals. And while you remain in the hearts and minds of the people that you served, they too will stay with in your heart and mind long after you have returned home.