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Volunteer with Children in Myanmar!

Volunteering with Children in Myanmar

Becoming a volunteer in Myanmar will open your eyes to new worlds and new ways of life. The continent contains countless ways in which people can help make a difference in the lives of others. Volunteers in Asia have the opportunities to help others in many ways including teaching, working in hospitals, and working with children. Each person who volunteers overseas brings with them their own skills and personality. Certain volunteers are more suited for certain work but luckily there are plenty of opportunities to go around. People of all ages have been affected by the tumultuous history of Myanmar from the elderly to the children. Volunteering with children gives volunteers a unique opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact on a child’s life.

Game at Children's Home

Why Volunteer with Children in Myanmar?

Children in Myanmar face challenges that don’t exist in more developed nations. The country has been plagued by violence and political instability for 50 years now. Many people and children have been affected by the political situation in Myanmar. Many of its people have been displaced from the conflicts in the region and children make up some of the most vulnerable of the population. The children of Myanmar face challenges and hardships that you don’t see much in the west. Few children in the country come from wealthy families simply because there are not many wealthy families in the nation. Despite coming from poverty, children here still deserve every opportunity that can be given to them to make a better life for themselves.

Game at Children's Home

Difficulties Children in Myanmar Face

Children in Myanmar face unique challenges that speak to the need for volunteers who wish to make a difference in a child’s life. Due to civil war that has plagued the country, many families have been displaced or affected in numerous ways. Some have lost their homes or worse, their family members. Many live in rural communities and work hard to put food on the table. Education in Myanmar lacks certain modern resources and the schools may seem old and run down. Despite the challenges the children face on a daily basis, volunteers who work with the kids in Myanmar see what joy and happiness they still have.

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Working at an orphanage

Working at an orphanage is an incredibly rewarding experience. Volunteers who work at an orphanage get to help with the daily operations of the orphanage while getting to interact and play with the children, which is the best part! Volunteers help with everything from preparing meals, helping teach classes, taking kids on field trips, or getting them ready for bed. Usually there will always be a staff member around to help volunteers with any trouble like language barriers. Some of the children may speak only a small amount of English, but that won’t get in the way of developing relationships. Many volunteers who work with children, especially orphans, leave with a sense of accomplishment.


Play and Activities

Working at an orphanage in Myanmar is rewarding and fun. On a daily basis, volunteers get opportunities to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children by being a source of joy for the kids. Many of these children have lost loved ones or were simply neglected, so volunteers have a real opportunity to give a child positive memories and relationships that they may not otherwise have. Being involved at the orphanage, even for a short period of time, will leave a lasting impact on the children as well as the volunteer. Having volunteers who are there to focus on the children allows staff to take care of other business while still giving the children the attention they need and deserve.

Playing with the children is relaxed and volunteers are free to come up with any activities or games to play. Playing a quick game of football or other sport is a great way to interact with the kids. Making art or crafts is another great way to play with the children while giving them a great outlet for their creative minds.

Challenges Myanmar Volunteers Face

Myanmar can be a challenging place for volunteers for several reasons. Volunteers will have their patience tested while working in Myanmar, and learning to go with the flow is important. Volunteers will also have to be prepared to live and work in environments that may not be as nice as what they are used to back home. Myanmar lacks a lot of modern infrastructure. When working in Myanmar, volunteers may have to live in rural areas with limited amenities like air conditioning or fancy showers. Volunteers must be able to give up a few comforts of home for a couple of weeks.

Myanmar has suffered in the past. Coming face to face with certain hardships may be difficult to see for some volunteers. Working with orphans that have been displaced or marginalized can be hard for some people but it is important to remember that being a positive person in a child’s life is why volunteers work at orphanages. But the challenges that volunteers face while working with children in Myanmar are greatly outweighed by the rewards.

Volunteer Rewards

The main focus for volunteers who wish to help at an orphanage is obviously the children. But many volunteers will tell you that the children are not the only ones who get something positive out of the experience. Being a part of something that provides such a positive environment for children is a very rewarding experience. However long volunteers choose to work with children, they will be a part of something that will make a lasting impact on a child’s life. Volunteers will leave with a sense of accomplishment despite how much time they were able to commit to volunteering.

Apart from working with the children, volunteers meet and work with other volunteers from all around the world. Meeting new friends while working with local children forms bonds between volunteers and the memories you make together will last a lifetime. When finished with the work, volunteers go home with experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. Working with kids, especially ones who need love and affection, gives each volunteer a true sense of accomplishment. Taking this home with you will change the way you look at yourself, others, and the world around you.

The people and children of Myanmar face difficult circumstances throughout the country. Volunteers have unique opportunities in Myanmar to help serve underprivileged communities in many ways. Working with children benefits everyone involved. Volunteers get a chance to have a meaningful impact on a child’s life. If the children are the future of Myanmar, volunteers who work to better the lives of kids have a direct impact on the future of Myanmar and its people.